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Painted Skin (2022)

Painted Skin (2022)
Movie : Painted Skin (2022)
Actors : Kenji Chen, Nita Lei, Ke Liu
Director : Liu Chun
Year : 2022
Language : Tamil
Genres : Action, Fantasy, eng
Rating : 6.3/10
Story : It tells the story the obsessive and sadistic relationship between the banshee Xiao Rong and scholar Wang Huai Qing which opens a period of human devil's love, life and death.
Quality : HD DVD - Runtime :1 Hours, 23 Minutes
Painted Skin (2022) HD Files
TamilPrint - Painted Skin (2022) Tamil HD DVD 400MB.mkv
Size : (336.42MB)
TamilPrint - Painted Skin (2022) Tamil HD DVD 720pHD.mkv
Size : (790.04MB)
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